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Aluminium Metal Products

Aluminium is the Earth's most abundant metallic resource. Because of its brilliant recyclability characteristics, the fact that it lasts longer than most other materials (thereby using less energy consumption) and because it does not have to be replaces as often as other products made from other materials do, this gets the nod for being environmentally friendly.





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Our range of aluminium metal products make fantastic environmentally friendly gifts. These great metal gifts can be coated and finished in various colours and textures. Bellow are the standard colours available:

Metal Colour Options

Once made, aluminium can be recycled again and again. Because it does not corrode, it is 100& recyclable.

Aluminium is 3 times lighter than steel, yet can attain steel's high strength characteristics. Aluminium is resistant to rust when exposed to the elements, making it hygienic and long lasting. This metal is also extremely flexible and user friendly and allows us to be so much more creative with it. These great metal products make fantastic corporate gifts.

We can personalize these metal gifts with various different types of branding. Engraved metal gifts and branded metal gifts are always very stylish. Bellow are the different types of branding available:

Metal branding


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