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PaperMate Biodegradable Pen

Because you can make a difference, PaperMate has launched a new biodegradable pen, which is green at start and finish. The majority of its components are made from a renewable vegetal material, and biodegrade in soil in your backyard. Once its biodegradable components are disassembles and placed in soil, they naturally decompose within a year, producing less waste and more compost.

This pen has super smooth writing performance and is refillable. The pen barrel is durable and high quality, with a comfortable soft touch grip.

Biodegradable pens


Biodegradable components in soil/compost. The components are made from Mirel ™ a unique biobased material offering the same qualities as traditional plastic. For more information go towww.mirelplastics.com

Biodegradable components

Biodegradable Components