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The Spekboom Tree

About The Spekboom:

Also known as igwanishe, porkbush, olifantskos or by its latin name, Porticularia afra, the spekboom is a remarkable succulent tree, native to the Eastern Cape. Spekboom has an exceptional ability to take big quantities of carbon dioxide out of the air and convert it oxygen. Ongoing research shows that 1ha of Spekboom can covert cargon dioxide to an average of 4.2t of oxygen per year. In other words, 10 hectares of spekboom is equivalent to taking 26 cars off the road for a year. This has earned it the nickname "The Carbon Sponge".

Spekboom Porkbush Carbon Sponge tree

The Spekboom has other beneficial qualities. It improves soil quality, reduces erosion and stimulates a return of biodiversity in the area because of its soil-binding and shading nature.

Spekboom tree


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