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        Explore a diverse range of eco-friendly gifts by material at ecofriendlygifts.co.za. Our selection includes:


  • Bamboo: Durable and sustainable, perfect for stylish and practical gifts.
  • Glass: Elegant and reusable, ideal for a sophisticated touch.
  • Cork: Lightweight and renewable, offering unique and eco-conscious options.
  • Cotton: Soft and natural, providing comfortable and sustainable choices.
  • Jute: Robust and biodegradable, perfect for rustic and earthy gifts.
  • Paper: Recycled and recyclable, promoting eco-friendly and creative solutions.


       Choose from our carefully curated collection to find the perfect eco-friendly gift for any occasion.

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Brand Innovation is a corporate gift company supplying corporate gifts and promotional pens to companies country wide. As a company we are doing our best to Go Green! We have now included eco-friendly corporate items to our range.

By using these environmentally friendly promotional products you are creating awareness about the environment, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Please join us on our journey in going green.

At our offices we recycle on a weekly basis. We also try to reduce our paper output and reuse paper printed only on one side.

We also have a beautiful garden surrounding our office, with guava trees. This garden uses compost that we make using natural biodegradable materials.

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